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Home Visit
Lactation Care

During a home visit we will do a maternal, infant and feeding assessment. Taking a pre and post feeding weight of your baby to determine exact amount of milk transferred during the feeding. I will help with latch and positioning best suited for mom and baby. I will share information on normal newborn baby behaviors, infant states and feeding cues.  Lastly, you will be given a care plan reviewing the details and recommendations of the visit. 

Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding is a newborn baby behavior.  Babies are born to breastfeed.  Getting off to a good start breastfeeding can be a smoother process when you understand your newborn.  This class covers the basics of breastfeeding: how your body makes milk; how to tell your baby is ready to feed; how do you know your baby is getting enough; how to care for your breasts and nipples; how to continue providing your milk for your baby when you get back to work; and how to incorporate breastfeeding into your everyday life.

Intro to Solid Foods

This program will help you recognize the signs that your baby is ready for the introduction of solid foods and guide you through the process.  Remember that every baby is different and starting ages vary from baby to baby.  Breastmilk provides complete nutrition for your baby and is given before solids.  Gradually babies with be eating a complex variety of solid foods along with their breastfeeding/breastmilk and eventually weaning will be completed.

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